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What is AgemO about?

Hi there and welcome to our Blog. Here we want to publish content on who we are, what we do and how we do it, what we think and how we see the world and most importantly why we do what we do.

We believe in a world where people are inspired and brave enough to face real problems, whether in their private life or, on a larger scale, with problems society is facing. Because we found that, like never before, we live in a world and society based on distraction. We love to distract ourselves from reality and everyday new tools occur that shall help us doing this. Social Media, Streaming Services, Online Shopping. All these are examples of instruments provided for us to forget reality and dive into a world where our problems can`t reach us.

Methods like these have always existed. Gladiator fights in ancient Rome pursued the same goal. Prevent people from thinking about politics and society problems. This concept has basically not changed until now. However, the tools which are used now have been optimized. With the invention of the smartphone, distraction can be carried around anywhere and accessed at any time. It`s permanently present.

We believe that, if people would look up for a while, put their phones down and take an intensive look at their own lives and the society they live in, everybody would be far happier. We would finally admit our thoughts, learn more about ourselves. What makes us happy and what our goals for life are, as an individual. We would admit, that there are so many issues we face right now and will face in the future. And we would realise, if each and every one of us would bother a little bit more about others than just about presenting their lives as exiting as possible on Social Media, we could achieve so much more.

Global problems such as climate, politics, poverty, education et cetera concern everybody living on this planet and people need to understand that solutions can only be found together.

Thats why we founded our organisation. We think about it as a place for people who don`t want to be distracted from reality anymore. Who are brave enough to deal with themselves, what they want in life and what they want for society. Who are optimistic and have a vision for their personal future and the future of society.

So welcome to a place where the world is not seen at it`s Ending but at it`s Starting Point of something new! A world that hasn`t reached it`s Omega yet but rather it`s AgemO.

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