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Our values & our Codex

Our vision is inspiration. Inspiring others and being constantly inspired. That`s why we always remind ourselves to start with WHY. WHY do we do what we do? Because we believe in a world where problems are approached rather than avoided. We live in a more and more complex world, which offers lots of possibilities. But we have a price to pay. The difficulties current and future generations will have to deal with are mostly underestimated, trivialised or ignored. But that`s not how solutions are found! Only by approaching the problem. And solutions for problems this size have to be found together. 

So WHY do we do what we do?  

Because we believe that everyone can do something, if they have the willingness to. These are problems, which affect each and every one of us, so we all should have an interest in solving them. It just needs the daily inspiration to act and pursue and a vision of a world we want to live in. This is what we provide. The beginning of a movement of benevolence and cohesion and the ending of egoism and ignorance. Beginning and ending. Alpha and Omega. We are AgemO. 

We want to give young people a perspective for a future full of possibilities. Not a future that`s frightening.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world" 
-Nelson Mandela

Kinder Zahlen Lernen in der Schule


The unrestricted access to education is not provided everywhere. But we think it should be! It encourages the capability of changing your perspective and to wide your horizon. It creates knowledge and prepares children for the complexity of their future. All these positive aspects therefore make education a fundamental right, as without it childrens` start into life gets additionally hampered and takes away their possibility to explore their interests, strengths and skills.

To ensure this ideally, the conditions under which children gain education, is a crucial factor. 

We support schools improving their learning conditions, so that teachers can effectively teach and students can effectively learn.



Humans are social animals. This is a fact which is deeply anchored in our biology. In their evolution, humans have recognised that they can be far more effective and feel safe, when they work as a community. We still find this insight very important! Together for each other. In a global community everybody is dependent on each other and responsible for each other. We have realised that we can achieve so much more, if we care for each other and not just for ourselves.

Therefore, this organisation builds the "togetherness", to help others find their "togetherness". 

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For us, the AgemO e.V. is more than just an organisation. It`s a chance for those, who have none. On education, support and a future. It`s the chance of creating a global network to help each other with projects and to exchange ideas. Not only on education, but any kind of charitable project.   
But of course, we hope for consistent growth of our organisation so that we can support more and more schools in whole Africa.  
It`s our mission to create an international network of support. Together is better. Lets start the change now!

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Let us know how you want to support us.

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In 2016 we took our first trip to Malawi. Through a contact in the country, we had the chance to see and experience several primary schools in Blantyre and the surrounding area. We were able to talk to teachers and distribute school materials amongst the students.  
We were shocked by the  conditions the schools are in and we couldn`t imagine how proper education should take place there. The schools lack materials for students and teachers, the buildings are ramshackled and classes of a hundred students have to sit on a cracked ground, because there are not enough benches. There are not even enough buildings left to offer a classroom for every group. Some classes have to take their classes outside. Students would normally take this as a great idea however, for the malawian students, this can be quite dangerous. During raining season they will get sick. In summer the temperatures will get so high that students will get nosebleed from the heat and have to be taken to hospital.  
We urgently want to improve these conditions. The students and teachers we support are from the Lhukubula Primary School and the M´Deka Primary School. We want to provide financial support for school materials, benches and new classrooms and school buildings.










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(The Visionary)

I´m a head-leaded person. I rethink, reflect and plan on everything. And I have a lot of fantasy. I always try to imagine how the future will look like and what can be done to form it. For me, AgemO offers the possibility to transform my thoughts and ideas into actions and to actually make an impact. As i love to write, I have expressed our WHY and our vision in the lines on this website.

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 (The Strategist) 

I am always ready for action. Alone or in a team. I find it exciting to put a plan into actions, to give it a drive and to finally see it work. AgemO gives me the opportunity to do exactly this. To take action, to help others and to create something new. I love meeting and working with new people, pursue my goals and stay optimistic with it.



(The Dynamic)

For me, everything is about logic. I´m a numbers - and - technology kind of guy and thats why I´m in charge of our techological infrastructure. I find it fascinating to work with different programs and to study technological processes. For AgemO I created my own working sphere and it gives me the chance to use my skills for something big and meaningful.

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Rehmenkoppel 17
21039 Escheburg

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